Today we have an even more obvious pre-view and anticipation of Easter than we did on the Second Sunday in Lent, the Sunday of the Transfiguration. On this Fourth Sunday in Lent, called “Laetare Sunday” from the first word of the Introit Antiphon for Mass (“Laetare, Jerusalem—Rejoice, O Jerusalem, Isaias 66.10), we hear the sound of the organ once again, the high altar is decorated with flowers, and the priest’s vestments of the Mass are rose instead of the penitential violet.

We are given a glimpse of Easter today just before we enter into the most severe and concentrated phase of the Lenten pilgrimage. Next Sunday when we come to Church the statues and crosses will be veiled with purple shrouds for Passiontide. It is the time of mourning for Mother Church as she considers all that Christ Our Lord suffered for the sake of our salvation.

On Good Friday we will go “down into the depths” with Christ as we contemplate His death on the Cross and His descent into hell, the place of the dead, while His human body lay dead in the tomb. We must go there in spirit first before we follow Him in His glorious resurrection from the grave on Easter Eve at the Great Paschal Vigil.  

I have placed this year’s schedule of services during Holy Week on the opposite column of the printed Bulletin, and both below this article and on the home page of the Website. I encourage you to clear your calendars now and to attend as many of the Holy Week Offices in here in church as you can. The more the larger world around us is indifferent/oblivious/hostile to Christ’s Paschal Mystery, the more attentive for our part we should be. 

(Fr. Higgins)




Palm Sunday, March 25th:
Regular Schedule of parish Sunday Masses. Blessing and Procession of Palms at 10:30 AM Traditional Latin Mass

Spy Wednesday, March 28th:
Office of Tenebrae, 7:30 PM

Maundy Thursday, March 29th:
Mass of the Lord's Supper, 5:30 PM (1970 Missal) & 7:30 PM (1962 Missal); Night Watch at the Altar of Repose until 12 Midnight

Good Friday, March 30th:
Commemoration of the Lord's Passion - 3:00 PM (1970 Missal) & 7:30 PM (1962 Missal)

Holy Saturday/Easter Eve, March 31st:
Paschal Vigil and the First Mass of Easter, 8:00 PM (1962 Missal)

Easter Sunday, April 1st:
Masses at 7:30 & 9:00 AM; 10:30 AM (Traditional Latin); 5:30 PM; Chaldean-Rite Easter Mass, 1:00 PM


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