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  1.  WE BELIEVE THAT THE CHURCH IS NECESSARY FOR SALVATION, because Christ who is the sole Mediator and Way of salvation, renders Himself present for us in His Body which is the Church. But the divine design of salvation embraces all men; and those who without fault on their part do not know the Gospel of Christ and His Church, but seek God sincerely, and under the influence of grace endeavor to do His will as recognized through the promptings of their conscience, they, in a number known only to God, can obtain salvation.
  2. WE BELIEVE THAT THE MASS, CELEBRATED BY THE PRIEST REPRESENTING THE PERSON OF CHRIST BY VIRTUE OF THE POWER RECEIVED THROUGH THE SACRAMENT OF ORDERS, AND OFFERED BY HIM IN THE NAME OF CHRIST AND THE MEMBERS OF HIS MYSTICAL BODY, IS IN TRUE REALITY THE SACRIFICE OF CALVARY, rendered sacramentally present on our altars. We believe that as the bread and wine consecrated by the Lord at the Last Supper were changed into His Body and His Blood which were offered for us on the Cross, likewise the bread and wine consecrated by the priest are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ enthroned gloriously in heaven, and we believe that the mysterious presence of the Lord, under what continues to appear to our senses as before, is a true, real and substantial presence.
  3. CHRIST CANNOT BE THUS PRESENT IN THIS SACRAMENT EXCEPT BY THE CHANGE INTO HIS BODY OF THE REALITY ITSELF OF THE BREAD AND THE CHANGE INTO HIS BLOOD OF THE REALITY ITSELF OF THE WINE WHICH OUR SENSES PERCEIVE. THIS MYSTERIOUS CHANGE IS VERY APPROPRIATELY CALLED BY THE CHURCH TRANSUBSTANTIATION. Every theological explanation which seeks some understanding of this mystery must, in order to be in accord with Catholic faith, maintain that in the reality itself, independently of our mind, the bread and wine have ceased to exist after the Consecration, so that it is the adorable Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus that from then on are really before us under the sacramental species of bread and wine, as the Lord willed it, in order to give Himself to us as food and to associate us with the unity of His Mystical Body. 
  4. THE UNIQUE AND INDIVISIBLE EXISTENCE OF THE LORD GLORIOUS IN HEAVEN IS NOT MULTIPLIED, BUT IS RENDERED PRESENT BY THE SACRAMENT IN THE MANY PLACES ON EARTH WHERE MASS IS CELEBRATED. And this existence remains present, after the sacrifice, in the Blessed Sacrament which is, in the tabernacle, the living Heart of each of our churches. And it is our very sweet duty to honor and adore in the Blessed Host which our eyes see, the Incarnate Word Whom they cannot see, and Who, without leaving Heaven, is made present before us. 


(Pope Saint Paul VI, reigned 1964-1978)
Raised to the Altars October 14th, 2018


About Our Parish

Mary Immaculate of Lourdes is Newton and Needham Massachusetts's oldest Roman Catholic Parish. Founded as Saint Mary's Parish in 1870 it was renamed "Mary Immaculate of Lourdes" when the new Church was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1910. In addition to being a regular territorial parish of the Archdiocese of Boston it is also a "Mission Parish" since 2007 with a special apostolate for the Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missal).

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"If you are willing to serenely bear the trial of being displeasing to yourself, then you will be for Jesus a pleasant place of shelter."
- St. Therese of Lisieux (+1897)

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