On-Going Instruction in the Principles of Christianity


  1. WE BELIEVE IN ONE ONLY GOD, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Creator of things visible such as this world in which our brief life passes, of things invisible such as the pure spirits which are also called angels, and Creator in each man of his spiritual and immortal soul.
  2. WE BELIEVE THAT THIS ONLY GOD IS ABSOLUTELY ONE in His infinitely holy essence as also in all His Perfections, in His omnipotence, His infinite knowledge, His providence, His will, and His love. He is He Who Is, as He revealed to Moses; and He is Love, as the Apostle John teaches us: so that these two names, Being and Love, express ineffably the same divine reality of Him who has wished to make Himself known to us, and who “dwelling in light inaccessible,” is in Himself above every other name, above every thing and above every created intellect. God alone can give us right and full knowledge of this reality by revealing Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in whose eternal life we are by grace called to share, here below in the obscurity of faith and after death in eternal light. The mutual bonds which eternally constitute the Three Persons, who are each one and the same Divine Being, are the blessed inmost life of God thrice holy, infinitely beyond all that we can conceive in human measure. We give thanks, however, to the Divine Goodness that very many believers can testify with us before men to the Unity of God, even though they know not the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity. 
  3. WE BELIEVE THEN IN GOD WHO ETERNALLY BEGETS THE SON, in the Son, the Word of God, who is eternally begotten, in the Holy Spirit, the uncreated Person, who proceeds from the Father and the Son as their eternal Love. Thus in the Three Divine Persons, coaeternae sibi et coaequales, the life and beatitude of God perfectly One superabound and are consummated in the supreme excellence and glory proper to uncreated Being, and always “there should be venerated unity in the Trinity and Trinity in the unity.”
  4. WE BELIEVE IN OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, WHO IS THE SON OF GOD. He is the Eternal Word, born of the Father before time began, and consubstantial with the Father, homoousios to Patri, and through Him all things were made. He was incarnate of the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit, and was made man: equal therefore to the Father according to His divinity, and inferior to the Father according to His humanity, and Himself one, not by come impossible confusion of His natures, but by the unity of His person.
  5. HE DWELT AMONG US FULL OF GRACE AND TRUTH. He proclaimed and established the Kingdom of God and made us know in Himself the Father. He gave us His New Commandment to love one another as He loved us. He taught us the way of the Beatitudes of the Gospel: poverty in spirit, meekness, suffering borne with patience, thirst after justice, mercy, purity of heart, will for peace, persecution for justice sake. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, the Lamb of God bearing on Himself the sins of the world, and He died for us on the Cross, saving us by His redeeming Blood. He was buried, and, of His own power, rose the third day, raising us by His Resurrection to that sharing in the divine life which is the life of grace. He ascended to heaven, and He will come again, this time in glory, to judge the living and the dead: each according to his merits—those who have responded to the love and piety of God going to eternal life, those who have refused them to the end going to the fire that is not extinguished. And His Kingdom will have no end. 


(Pope Saint Paul VI, reigned 1964-1978)
Raised to the Altars October 14th, 2018


About Our Parish

Mary Immaculate of Lourdes is Newton and Needham Massachusetts's oldest Roman Catholic Parish. Founded as Saint Mary's Parish in 1870 it was renamed "Mary Immaculate of Lourdes" when the new Church was dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, 1910. In addition to being a regular territorial parish of the Archdiocese of Boston it is also a "Mission Parish" since 2007 with a special apostolate for the Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missal).

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"If you are willing to serenely bear the trial of being displeasing to yourself, then you will be for Jesus a pleasant place of shelter."
- St. Therese of Lisieux (+1897)

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